Ninth Degree Supercar Club

The home of supercar enthusiasts

Founded in 2015 the Dubai based members-only Supercar Club has two hundred active members from all over the United Arab Emirates.

Ninth Degree supercar club started with a small group of friends with a passion for their super cars however, it became quickly apparent that Dubai, the home of luxury cars, needed a platform for supercar enthusiasts and the club was born. Ninth Degree Supercar Club is now the most recognized and respected supercar club in the country with two other sister companies:

The Events

Ninth Degree Supercar Club meet monthly to take part in varied events, these can range from:

Ninth Degree members also have premium access to car launches and supercar manufacture test drives.


The Network Benefits

Through the large number of partner companies Ninth Degree members have access to additional vehicle, lifestyle benefits and discounts. These include, tyres, vehicle repair and servicing, extended warranties, manufacturer discounts on supercars, PPF & wrapping, insurance and modifications.
Manufactures & Show Rooms:
Vehicle Care, Servicing, Tyres & Modifications
Luxury & Lifestyle
Wrapping and PPF

The Events

Through its event and active community of members, the Supercar Club provides great partner opportunities for individuals to network with those with similar interests.

It also gives our partner companies an effective platform in which to promote their services and benefits to more than 200 supercar owners. To find out about our partner packages please contact us on


The Supercar Club annual fee gives members access to the events and track days as well as the member benefits and exclusive manufacture events.

For more information and to receive a membership brochure please contact us or call 056 376 9392.

For more information on membership please contact one of the Ninth Team.


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