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Ninth degree Supercar Tours was launched in August 2018 and is branch of Ninth Degree Supercar events LLC based in Dubai. Using our and expertise of the supercar industry and more than three years’ experience in organizing large rallies/events we wanted to bring the luxury and exhilaration that supercar owners experience to a wider market. Using Dubai, the home of the luxury car market, as our base we show visitors and residents the mostly unseen and areas of the United Arab Emirates whilst driving a supercar of their choice.

The team consists of experienced and qualified track drivers that lead our tours and operations/sales team that can manage bookings of up to fifty cars and 100 participants on a single event. Our combined and varied experience and passion for the cars means that all our tours are planned down to the last detail and you are fully supported at every step.

What we do?

We arrange supercar tours throughout the United Arab Emirates, taking participants though the stunning mountain, desert and city roads. By pairing the self-drive tours with adrenaline fueled activities we ensure that all our guests leave having had the experience of a life time.

What are our other divisions?

Our sister companies are UAE based supercar owners and enthusiast clubs Ninth Degree Supercar Club and Ninth Degree Ladies Club. With more than 200 members we arrange track days, staycations, drives and activity events. The supercar club was launched in 2016 and boasts some of the leading names of the car industry as partners such as Lamborghini, Lotus and Aston Martin. 
For any enquiries relating to the supercar clubs please contact info@ninthdegreesupercars.com


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